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Target acne from the inside out with

Spirulina Infused Capsules

Finding a skincare routine that helps clear acne and hyperpigmentation can leave anyone feeling helpless, especially when those stubborn breakouts just keep appearing. There are several reasons why you are breaking out, maybe you haven’t found the skincare routine that is appropriate for you, or you are consuming too much alcohol, sugary food, or you may have hormonal issues.
In the past years, the beauty industry is being focused to formulate “the perfect” product to treat this condition. At this point, Spirulina is a ubiquitous ingredient in skincare. Spirulina is found in everything from serums to dietary supplements. You might be most familiar with it as Chlorella’s partner in crime — the two ingredients go hand in hand to treat acne conditions and improve overall health. You think you can substitute spirulina’s superpowers with other fruits and vitamins. Well, you are wrong.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is in the family of cyanobacteria, blue algae (but the color of it is green) that’s a complete protein, rich in multiple B vitamins, iron, and beta-carotene (a natural skin-clearing agent). It is highly known for healing and decreasing inflammation, fighting free radicals, and eliminating toxins, including bacteria on the skin, which can lead to acne or breakouts. Spirulina is also one of the most alkaline foods on Earth, containing more chlorophyll than common greens and vegetables, another reason it promotes clear skin.

How does Spirulina boost acne condition?

Anti-inflammatory is one of the benefits that Spirulina has been praised for. Due to its anti- inflammatory effects, spirulina reduces skin inflammation. The excessive production of sebum cause skin to become inflamed. When the sebaceous glands become blocked, the bacteria that are present in your pores can start to build up. This leads to the body starting an inflammatory response to try and deal with the microbes. It is this inflammation that contributes to acne looking red and swollen. Taking spirulina helps you to resolve the puzzle. It is known to significantly reduced inflammation, and provide your skin the glow you have always craved for.

Antioxidant Protection

Spirulina obtains its coloration from a unique pigment known as “Phycocyanin”. This substance naturally is found in no other living organism, has been shown to have strong antioxidant properties. At the same time, this protective effect is further enhanced by the presence of other, equally potent substances. For example, spirulina is rich in vitamin E and has 40 times more beta-carotene than spinach. These antioxidant properties mean that spirulina has the potential to protect your skin from free radical damage, fighting acne, hyperpigmentation, and making your skin look healthy, shiny, and radiant. It has also been suggested that this exceptional level of antioxidant protection may also help to explain just how effective spirulina is at fighting inflammation in the whole body.

Gut Health

Spirulina has a positive effect on gut health, which improves the appearance of the skin like acne, breakouts, hyperpigmentation.
A healthy gut indicates antioxidant benefits, a brightening effect, and moisturizing properties

Cell Production

The cells of your body are in a constant state of flux, with old cells dying and new ones replacing them. This process relies on cells dividing and multiplying. The cells of the skin can be at risk from environmental pollutants to everyday scratching and rubbing can run this turnover of cells. It is this process that also helps grazes, cuts, and other minor wounds to heal in a timely fashion. One of spirulina’s powers is that it offers particularly high levels of vitamin B12, which is known to play an essential role in cell replication, consequently helping to keep the skin and hair in optimal condition.

For acne sufferers, a healthy intake of vitamin B12 from spirulina may also help to ensure that your skin heals quickly after any period of acne you may suffer from.

Adding Spirulina to your diet is game-changing for good. It is important to highlight the fact that Spirulina is a super-food with super-powers not only for skin health, also overall health.

Do not miss the chance to make your skin looking younger, radiant, free from acne, only with Spirulina!