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Top tips for thinning hair while aging

You start doing the chores and see tons of hair in the ground, and start wondering why? You wake up in the morning, brush your hair, and what? See a gob of strands in the comb. Sad, but it happens, especially as we get older. One of the main reasons for thinning hair is iron deficiency and biotin deficiency. As the year passes the body absorbs vital nutrients for stronger and healthier hair, like iron or vitamin B, more slowly. 

Iron plays a vital role in transporting oxygen to cells. When iron levels are too low, it becomes impossible for the body to transport the oxygen which is needed for hair to grow. A lack of iron in the diet and bleeding too much during menstruation is the reason to iron deficiency. 

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B family. It plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. If you aren’t getting enough biotin, you may experience hair loss or a scaly red rash. 

Thankfully, there are too many ways to promote growth. Ahead, we are going to share some tips to prevent excessive loss and maintain your lovely mane. 

Include proteins into your body

Try adding up how much protein you consume daily for a week to get a feel for how much you need. It will be a surprise to figure out how little you consume. Increasing the amount of dietary protein you eat can help with nutritional hair loss. Try to add to your diet, a portion of meat or fish (salmon, tuna). 

Loosen up your hair

Regularly pull your hair into a tight ponytail, especially pulling them always in the same place. Or wearing hair extensions and excessive blow-drying will cause pressure on your hair follicles and could cause traction alopecia. If you have thinning hair, choose a loose hairstyle rather than a tight up-do, avoid having hair extensions and give your hair a break from excessive styling. 

Always use conditioner

Conditioner helps our hair look more vital and shiny. If you do not use conditioner, hair can become dehydrated, which can lead to hair becoming damaged and brittle. Always look for lightweight conditioners that contain panthenol and glycerin that moisturize and keep fragile hair strong. 

Level up the game of vitamins

Nutritional deficiencies such as low B12 and Vitamin D can slow down hair growth and causes hair thinning. Make sure to choose supplements that contain B-Complex and vitamin D to level up the stage of your hair. 

Look after your scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Add a scalp massager to your shower routine. The tool helps to increase blood circulation, which stimulates the roots of your hair and prevents thinning. The massage motion of this method helps stimulate the scalp and can improve hair thickness by encouraging cell turnover. 

Change your lifestyle

Processed sugar, lack of activity, alcohol, and smoking are some of the worst habits if you want glossy hair. Hair is the reflection of your daily habits. You are what you eat. A healthy lifestyle will naturally make your hair look healthy too!

Increase your iron and biotin intake

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of hair thinning. Try to transform hair from the inside out by including iron-rich food in your diet and taking an iron supplement such as Oviron.

Oviron is a simple formula formulated to prioritize your health. Its main ingredients are iron, folate, vitamin c, and some vitamin B. 

Oviron is the perfect choice for your hair and overall health.  

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